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      This script will take RSS feeds and convert them to be displayed on Cisco's IP based phones. Compatibility has been tested with models 7940, 7960 and 7925. Compatibility with other models of Cisco phone is assumed but not guaranteed.

2011 Update: This code is still being downloaded occasionally, so I take from this that some people are still using it or at least exploring it for adaptation into a new purpose or environment-specific function. In terms of simply converting a list of public RSS feeds for display on a phone it may be somewhat spurious, but I have heard from many users who are using it to display custom information using RSS feeds available on their intranet such as employee notices or even the status output from equipment or machinery. It may have been a long time since I last updated the code, however it's my hope that the script still has some useful life left.

The current version is 2.0


This program requires:
  • Any webserver capable of running perl scripts
  • A Cisco IP phone
  • The RSS2Cisco script:  The perl script that runs server side.


The Documentation:

Problems and Planned Upgrades

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Planned Upgrades:
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Version History

  • Version 2.0, Released May 11th, 2007. After lying dormant for years, rss2cisco has reawakened to a fresh rewrite using the Cisco::IPPhone module, as well as some improved character escaping.
  • Version 1.0, Released April 21st, 2005: Better handling of RSS feeds, support for a real XML parser (thanks to Brent DeShazer), support for large feeds that would not display on phone, proper escaping of HTML entities.
  • Version 0.6, Released January 6th, 2004: Thanks to Swen Veckes a CGI Param bug has been fixed.
  • Version 0.5, Released January 2nd, 2004: First Version.


The Programmer: Joshua Cantara